WIRIS editor

WIRIS editor 3

Custom toolbar and you: This could be the perfect fit.

You love WIRIS editor, but have the feeling that it offers too many icons to your users? Do your students need only a fraction of the powerful toolbar?

Don't worry, you can customize all the elements in the toolbar of WIRIS EDITOR .

You can select which tabs, sections, extra sections and items you want to build, gaining thus full configurability of the tool.

A picture is worth a thousand browsers

Theoretically HTML is a complete standard and your content is going to be displayed properly in every browser. But if you have created some content for the web, you will know this is quite far from reality. Some browsers may support MathML or LaTeX, others won't, or only up to an old version of the standard, etcetera. 

Calculus and series with WIRIS editor

WIRIS EDITOR allows you to create scientific and mathematical expressions, among other in the fields of calculus and successions.

See how easily and nicely you can construct the definition of an improper integral by using the icons on the Calculus tab

Protect our children. Recycle your maths.

You have thought now of an improvement to your exercise... Or you are about to prepare a new exam for your students... Or are simply recycling some material and want to change some bits and pieces here and there...

Matrix operations with WIRIS editor

We move forward now to more advanced topics. Creating and manipulating matrices with WIRIS EDITOR is just as simple as anything else.

To create a matrix, go to the tab Matrix and click on the icon that defines the parentheses you need: round, square, determinant, or none (you may wish to add some different ones onto none, such as curly brackets or double bars). You can start filling in the positions with numbers or any other expression that you need.



Create a new formula with WIRIS editor

WIRIS EDITOR allows creating formulas easily, drawing from a large pool of mathematical and scientific symbols with a single click. You work on a WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get) based on tabs and icons, where all you need to do is select symbols, fill in your numbers and names, and accept.

Obtain MathML with WIRIS editor

MathML is the XML standard for mathematics, a neat and structured way of storing mathematical expressions that allows interchange of contents between different technology providers. MathML is a standard, which means that it is non-proprietary technology and that you spare compatibility problems across providers, platforms, etc.


WIRIS editor is multilingual and it is today available in the following languages: