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Custom toolbar and you: This could be the perfect fit.

You love MathType, but have the feeling that it offers too many icons to your users? Do your students need only a fraction of the powerful toolbar?

Don't worry, you can customize all the elements in the toolbar of MathType.

You can select which tabs, sections, extra sections and items you want to build, gaining thus full configurability of the tool.

A simple expression with WIRIS editor

Let us start focusing on the content side, and let us do it with a simple formula. We will make use of basic mathematical symbols, and the point here is how straightforward and fast it is to create a formula with MathType.

The principles are:

Units and Greek notation with WIRIS editor

WIRISeditor doesn't forget more applied fields either, such as statistics, chemistry, physics and biology. Most of the units and expressions of any field are fed by Latin and Greek characters, a set that you will find in a dedicated tab in WIRISeditor.

Ease student's work: SpArE them the scripting

The traditional technology for editing maths contents has been LaTeX for many years. LaTeX is a good technology, but it has several drawbacks: it is no standard and it is thus not been thought for compatibility and most of all, it demands expertise on the side of the user.

It goes without saying that many teachers for mathematics do possess the knowledge to create excellent contents with LaTeX, but it is rarely the case for their students. Moreover, using an editor that spares all technology issues allows students to focus on Mathematics.

Go further with MathType

MathType allows you to create about any expression you can imagine in many scientific fields. Specially mathematics, but not only: MathType has already handled contents for physics, chemistry, statistics and biology.

See the following introductory chapters and you'll know why MathType is the solution for adding mathematics into your web content:

Save time. Go WYSIWYG.

MathType allows creating formulas easily, drawing from a large pool of mathematical and scientific symbols with a single click. You work on a WYSIWYG editor (What You See Is What You Get) based on tabs and icons, where all you need to do is select symbols, fill in your numbers and names, and accept.

Make your maths up. No more flat formulas

Are your formulas a bit sad? 


Would you like to present something more attractive to your users, but you are limited by technology?

Logic and set theory with WIRIS editor

MathType also handles content of more abstract fields, such as logic and set theory. There is nothing better if you want to sound cryptic to your students!

In the tab Symbols, you will also find everything you need about sets, subsets, elements and logical statements. The second tautology in this page, if we are talking about MathType!

Calculus and series with WIRIS editor

MathType allows you to create scientific and mathematical expressions, among other in the fields of calculus and successions.

See how easily and nicely you can construct the definition of an improper integral by using the icons on the Calculus tab

A picture is worth a thousand browsers

Theoretically HTML is a complete standard and your content is going to be displayed properly in every browser. But if you have created some content for the web, you will know this is quite far from reality. Some browsers may support MathML or LaTeX, others won't, or only up to an old version of the standard, etcetera.