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Performance and resources of WIRIS quizzes – server components

The resource consumption of WIRIS quizzes – server components depends strongly on the way WIRIS quizzes is used. For example, in a time based exam where all students starts at the same time, a lot of initial connections are expected at the beginning. The connections will slow down after some minutes and will be a peak by the end of the examination.

Despite the high dependence on the type of usage the following rule holds:

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Hosting at your server

By default, the WIRIS quizzes modules use the services located at www.wiris.net (SaaS model).

If you have a license of WIRIS CAS server components, you can install and run the services provided by your own server.


Free exercises: Wiris Collection

Wiris Collection is intended to speed up your work in class. It is a free repository of real classroom exercises done and shared by teachers. Its aim is to cover all the topics in mathematics at any level, and it already contains a good number of exercises.


Wiris Quizzes is multilingual and it is today available in the following languages:

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You did it yoooour way

What happens if the student introduces a correct answer that we were not expecting? In other words, what happens if he gives an expression that is mathematically equivalent to the expected one, but that looks completely different to it?