WIRIS editor 3 (Documentation)


1.- Enable Uninstall mode

 Go to WIRIS filter - Maths settings and enable uninstall mode.

2.- Uninstall WIRIS filter 

Once uninstall mode has been enabled, WIRIS filter can be uninstalled from general filter settings.

WIRIS EDITOR for Java/Swing

MathType for Java Swing is the specialized compilation of MathType that targets Java Swing. With this Java component you can add to your appliation a full fledged formula (equation) editor for maths, physics and (inorganic) chemistry that works with the MathML standard. The usage is very similar to the JavaScript version

Arabic numbers and math notation by countries

Math notation in Arabic language changes from country to country.

The technical administrator of WIRIS editor can determine a personalized behaviour for your installation. You can configure the default arabic numbers that will be used and wheter to mirror math formulas or not.

The configuration for Arabic language, code ar, is to use mirrored formulas and arabic numbers (1234..)


MathType provides the following services:

  • Generate images of formulas with the following formats: PNG, SVG, PDF, EPS, SWF
  • Convert MathML from/to LaTeX.
  • Generate textual representation of a formula. Accessibility.
  • Convert presentation MathML from/to content MathML
  • Provide a simple formula calculator. Works with floating point numbers.
    Not to be confused with CalcMe.

There are mainly two interfaces to the services:

Appendix: List of icons - Release 3.4

The following images show all the icons available in the toolbar tabs.

Embeding MathType in a web page

This document explains how to embed the MathType in a Web page. The scenario when the editor is used together with an HTML rich editor is covered by the MathType Integrations.

The embedding is compound by two steps. The first one is displaying the editor itself and the second one is calling the editor API to set and retrieve the MathML.

LaTeX support

If you already have LaTeX code bits inside your texts, the WIRIS plugin will show you the actual formulas, and the WIRIS editor will allow you to edit them in WYSIWYG mode.


For exemple, imagine in your platform there is a text like:

The history of $$\sqrt(2)$$.

After installing the WIRIS plugin, students will see:


Appendix: List of icons - Release 3.0

The following images show all the icons available in the toolbar tabs.

Scaling symbols and parenthesis

Mathematical operations can be nested, and so symbols can contain expressions with symbols. Many symbols expand to match the size of their contents; note, for instance, the variable size of the square root symbol: