External plugin configuration

Some rich text editors, such as CKEditor or TinyMCE, allow you to specify a URL based location of plugins outside of the normal plugins directory.

This option is useful when loading the rich text editor from a CDN or when you want to have the editor directory separate from your custom plugins. In case you are using your a programing language for which WIRIS plugins are not available this is also a good option.

WIRIS plugin for Oxygen

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Installation instructions: WIRIS plugin for Oxygen


Oxygen XML Web Author

1 Requirements

  1. Oxygen XML Web Author 18.x or 19.x Installed
  2. A valid license to install the plugin in a production environment; otherwise, you can use the downloaded file just for demo purposes.

2 Installing WIRIS plugin

There are two ways to install WIRIS plugin depending on Oxygen version.


From plugin version 3.50.0, WIRIS editor is embedded in a static file you can customize to suit your project requirements or application look and feel. The location of this custom page is /<plugin_path>/integration/editor.html. Please note that in order to override some WIRIS editor default CSS rules you may need to include !important.

More customization variables are available in the configuration.ini file.

See the attached example.

WIRIS plugin cross-domain

1 Introduction

From version 3.53.2 it is possible to place the plugin's dynamic contents in a different server. To enable the communication between servers you need to change the location of your plugin dynamic contents directory (integration) and enable CORS in your configuration.ini file.

Note: In the instructions below <server-static> will be the static content server and <server-dynamic> the dynamic content server.

Demos as integration examples download (beta)

WIRIS plugins integrations allow to integrate WIRIS editor and WIRIS cas in a group of HTML editors. These editors are widely used in thousands of web platfoms.

In order to integrate WIRIS tools with your rich text editor, you require some scripting. We include some integration demos, our live demos, to ease the integration process.

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WIRIS editor for Canvas

WIRIS editor is an App that can be easily included into your Canvas course.

  1. Go to Course Settings
  2. Go to Apps tab
  3. Look for WIRIS
  4. Activate the App

WIRIS activation in a Canvas course