Question algorithm parameters

WIRIS quizzes admits the possibility to add parameters to question algorithms. This may be useful if we want to do several questions about the same mathematical expression, if we want to chain some questions (in the sense that some output from a question is used in the algorithm of the following one) or other uses. It is also useful to translate strings in the algorithm and therefore have a multilanguage question.

API Integration library

This is the class reference of the WIRIS QUIZZES generic integration library. These classes are available for PHP, Java, .NET, ActionScript and JavaScript although the documentation itself is a Javadoc. The generic integration library is included in the getting started examples download packages.

Assertions reference (validation)

The WIRIS quizzes assertions reference explains in detail the different assertions available and its meaning. Assertions are used in the evaluation process of the student answer. Each assertion returns true or false and many assertions are combined to get the final student grading. In WIRIS quizzes studio, assertions can be selected individually under the “Validation tab”.


Moodle interface uninstall

This is the recommended uninstallation process. You can uninstall WIRIS QUIZZES question types just like any other Moodle question type. All WIRIS question types require/depend on "Math & Science - WIRIS" so you need to uninstall the rest before uninstalling "Math & Science - WIRIS". Remember that you can follow these steps if you don't have any question created of these types:

Install WIRIS QUIZZES for Moodle 2 & Moodle 3


1 Requirements

  • Moodle 2 or Moodle 3
  • WIRIS plugin for Moodle version 3.17.20 or higher.
  • You can know your Plugin version at your http://<moodle>/filter/wiris/info.php.

update the plugin

Randomness in formulas

If you wish to create a complex expression with random elements, you do not need to create it as a single WIRIS variable. Say you want to create an exercise with an integral sign in the wording. You will want to make sure that the integral will not be evaluated and that it will not be shown in two different lines. Then you can make use of the following WIRIS quizzes feature.

You can add variables into a WIRIS editor expression. For example, you may define an integral

Algorithm translation

The most important section for writing an exercise with WIRIS quizzes is the Algorithm field, consisting of a WIRIS cas section. This field is common to all types of question improved by WIRIS, since it includes the whole mathematical functionality of the exercise.

Right under the Algorithm field, there is a drop-down list where the available languages are listed.

WIRIS quizzes generic 1

This page is related to WIRIS quizzes version 1.

The available WIRIS tools can be used together to enhance any assessment system. This page contains the necessary resources and documentation.

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Bank of examples

Check our bank of examples in a demo Moodle. In it, you will find dozens of questions organized in different maths areas. It will be useful to grasp some ideas on the use of the tool for a specific type of question, and also to see programming examples in WIRIS CAS.

If you want to access the platform in English, you can use the following accounts, depending on if you wish to access as a teacher (not editor) or as a student.

User name: teacher
Password: wiris