WIRIS CALC opens the exploration of the mathematical universe to you.

Easily derive functions, simplify equations, factorize polynomials and much more.

Graph math expressions. Drag and drop math formulae into the graphing tool, as simple as that.

Prepare your class materials, save the work and share it with Google Drive. 

Launch at CALCme.com

Did you love WIRIS CAS? Don't look for the same, they are brothers, not identical twins! We think we've succeeded in making it better.

WIRIS CALC comes with a modern HTML5 interface but relies on same math engine that you love. Just access our powerful Computer Algebra System with a new philosophy. 

FREE for some time at least

We are defining how to make the project sustainable for all. At the moment we can guarantee that the system will be free for a while.


WIRIS CALC session

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