New in v3.13

WIRIS editor can write simple Chemistry formulas (the ones that can be encoded with MathML).

Chemistry buttons in the general toolbar

In the general toolbar (for Maths) there are also some symbols for Chemistry.

There are arrows for reactions in the Arrows tab.

There are symbols for chemical elements in Greek, letters and numbers tab. The most frequent symbols are on display, and all others are in an extra section, arranged in a periodic table.

Notice the inserted symbols are not in italics as usual but in upright letters, as expected in Chemistry notation.

You can write some bidimensional fromulas using tables, like the examples below.

Chemistry toolbar

There exists a special toolbar for Chemistry. Probably there is already a button for it in in your platform text editor. If you don't have it, ask your sysadmin to enable it.

In chemistry toolbar, the General tab is replaced by the Chemistry tab, that contains the most useful symbols.

See it live at the editor demo.

If you have a button for Chemistry, then double-clicking a formula will open the WIRIS editor with either the general or the chemistry toolbar, according to the formula.

See it live at the plugin demo.


Combustion of methane


Common synthesis of ethylene


Example of equilibrium
carbon dioxide - carbonic acid




Additionally, you can use tables to write some bidimensional formulas.


Lactic acid


Ethanol, drinking alcohol


This is how you see the formulas in the editor; as usual, the green boxes won't be in the final generated image.