WIRIS editor
Upgrade Moodle with a WYSIWYG formula editor. Full coverage of mathematical issues with great usability.
WIRIS editor detects the language of your Moodle and it is available in many languages, such as Arabic, Basque, Chinese, Estonian or Hebrew, among many others. Check the complete list of WIRIS editor languages.
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Include an advanced online calculator in Moodle. Analysis, Algebra, Matrix manipulation, 2D/3D function representaion and many other functionalities. Full coverage of curriculum from Secondary Education to University. product more info

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WIRIS quizzes
Upgrade Moodle with specialized tools for math and science questions. Includes automatic evaluation of answers, random variables generation and mathematical 2D and 3D graphics.

You may wish to read the user manual for a step-by-step explanation of these features.

Browse and download hundreds of free exercises developed by teachers and shared under a Creative Commons licence at WIRIS collection.
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WIRIS tools are COMMERCIAL tools. Contact us for pricing information at info@wiris.com.
Prices for less than 1 000 users can be found at www.wiris.com/store
WIRIS plugin for WIRIS editor and WIRIS cas.
WIRIS quizzes plugin.