WIRIS desktop

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WIRIS desktop is the offline version of WIRIS CAS and has all its functionality and interactivity, but it runs on your computer.

WIRIS CAS and WIRIS desktop are the same tool, but WIRIS desktop runs as a local application instead of as a web applet, so it offers some extra advantages:

  • Improved speed, real-time interactivity
  • User-friendly environment
  • Nicer window management than in a web browser

WIRIS desktop is the tool for those making a very intensive use of WIRIS as well as for those who prefer going the classical way and having an application installed on the computer rather than connecting to a calculation server.

Check WIRIS CAS if you wish to find out about the mathematical capabilities of WIRIS.

DOWNLOAD a free trial version of WIRIS desktop. In case of trouble in the installation process check the technical documentation pages.